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Raise Your Metabolism With This "Perfect" Metabolic Meal Plan
Stop dieting and start eating. Grab this completely free meal plan to take the guesswork out of what a "healthy" meal looks and tastes like. Healthy, fat-burning food starts with balancing your major nutrients.
  • What, when and how much you eat keep both your metabolism and your energy levels steadily elevated, helping you manage your weight, keep your cool, maintain your focus and avoid cravings.
  • Also learn the 3 most important components to ANY meal. These 3 things determine whether your meal is healthy or not.
  • You'll find a grocery list, recipes, instructions, and more in this metabolic meal plan guide.
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When I need to quickly come up with new meal plans for my clients, these are the meal plans I use....Download and use them...they work!
- Nick Garcia, Founder and Head Transformation Expert at Upgraded Health

Paula D. - 53 Year Old Mother and Wife

"Nick's meal plan helped me convince my husband and son to eat more protein and healthy fats. My favorite recipe were the Mexican Burgers with grass-fed beef. Yum!"

Laura 0. - Busy 36 Year Old 

"Being "busy" shouldn't be an excuse for not eating heathy foods. I loved the recipes and menu ideas in this meal plan. I'm pumped about burning more calories all day eating whole foods!"

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