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There are 8 major metabolism destroying habits that I've identified working with over 5,000 frustrated women. 

After I show you how the 8 metabolism slowing habits are preventing you from losing weight, I'll show you exactly how the 3-week metabolism diet will help you reset your metabolism and start losing weight right away.
The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping Your Overweight and Unhealthy
1.) High-Carb Breakfast

You’ve been told over and over that people who eat a morning meal tend to have smaller waistlines, but some find that eating breakfast actually makes them hungrier. If you can relate, it may be that the “healthy breakfast” you’re eating—such as cereal, bagel, and fruit—contains too many carbs. 

Think about this way, you’ve basically been fasting all night while you’ve been asleep, so your blood sugar is LOW. Not “bad” low, just low like it should be upon waking in the morning. 

Flooding your body with tons of sugar and carbs is not the way to start your day. 

When you have a sluggish metabolism, it’s often a sign that you have some insulin resistance—your body is having a hard time moving sugar from your bloodstream into your cells for fuel, and when that doesn’t work right, you feel hungry even when you’re physically not. This is especially noticeable after you wake up. 

In the morning, insulin levels are high—eat a high-carb meal, and insulin rises even more, then nosedives quickly, leaving you ravenous by noon. 

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Muscle, Body 

Over 20 Fat-Burning Breakfast Recipes Await You Inside The 3-Week Metabolism Diet...

2.) Low-Protein Lunch

All day your body is going through a process called protein turnover, basically breaking down its own muscle tissues. Totally normal, but many women don’t eat enough protein (which contains amino acids, the main “food” for muscles), to counteract this effect and properly maintain lean mass. Not good since the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn no matter what you’re doing.

Protein is essential for tissue repair and muscle building. If your protein is low, your muscles can begin to deteriorate.

Inadequate protein leads to:  

- Cravings
- Brain Fog 
- Poor skin and hair health 
- Muscle loss, weakness, and fatigue

Here’s a worst case scenario I see all too often: high-carb breakfast, sugary coffee drink, low-protein lunch, sugary coffee drink, and high-fat dinner

This eating day is typical for most women and this leads to chronically low protein levels and a sluggish metabolism.

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Muscle, Body  

Never Guess What To Eat For Lunch After Reading The 3-Week Metabolism Diet

3.) Skipping Meals

This metabolism killer is probably the most common in our society.

Here’s why: DIETS!

When you go on calorie restrictive diets your body goes into survival mode, saving energy by lowering your body temperature, reducing pulse, and slowing thyroid function.  

ALL things that cause eventual weight gain.  

Typical signs you can’t lose weight because you aren’t eating enough are feeling stressed out all of the time, food cravings, cold hands and feet/below 98.6 body temperature, low energy, and of course, stubborn fat.  

Remember, every day you eat fewer calories than you should, your fat cells become stronger, healthier, and less susceptible to being released/burned.  

I feel the need to elaborate on a specific consequence of a past full of low-fat, low-sugar, and skipping meals, a severely slow metabolism.  

Because you’ve been lead to believe the only to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit, most women start dieting, then slash their calories and add a large amount of exercise to their daily routine.  

All of a sudden you have an extreme calorie deficit that is working against you. This leads to: 

– Slowed thyroid production  
– Decrease in muscle mass
– Increase in stress hormones
– Overall decrease in energy levels

While the symptoms of a damage metabolism are obvious to you, since you are experiencing them daily, this “reason” for lack of weight loss probably hasn’t crossed your mind.  

It’s a tough pill to swallow to accept that your dieting past has negatively affected your healthy present and future weight loss.  

While it may be very difficult to recover from a past full of yo-yo diets, it’s NOT impossible  

It starts with acceptance and eating food.  

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Adrenals, Muscle, Body  

Restore Your Metabolic Health With The 3-Week Metabolism Diet

4.) High-Stress Exercise  

Wait a minute, I thought all exercise was, well…good for you?  

Maybe 200 years ago when we didn’t lead such stressful lives without any other psychological, physiological, and mental worries.

The fact is, we are over-stressed and that means our stress hormones are elevated way more than they should be.  

High-stress exercise that burdens the adrenal glands like steady state cardio, dance/step classes, overdoing HIIT workouts, Crossfit, and others can actually have a negative effect on your metabolism.  

The culprit?  

Cortisol, our “stress hormone” is over-secreted from constant stressors.  

Undereating, overeating, over-exercising, under-exercising, mental/emotional stress, and more…all cause cortisol dysregulation.

Excess cortisol breaks down metabolically active tissue and causes adrenal fatigue.  

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Thyroid, Adrenals, Muscle, Body  

I Include Simple, Fast, and Effective Personal Trainer Guided Exercise Routines Inside The 3-Week Metabolism Diet

5.) Low-Carb Diets  

It’s NOT carbs making you fat, it’s the type of carbs and the timing of carbs that are contributing to your weight gain.  

I bet you didn’t know that our body’s primary fuel source is glucose.  

And the very definition of glucose is “sugar.”  

The fact of the matter remains that starch and sugar are essential sources of energy for humans.  

A low carb diet works extremely well for those with insulin resistance because it quickly lowers basal insulin levels and blood glucose in those with metabolic syndrome. It also requires less first- and second-stage insulin release, which allows the body’s metabolism to function more normally.  

Typical “low carbohydrate” meal replacement bars and shakes, ice creams or ice cream sandwiches, and other low carb or sugar-free snacks often contain potentially unhealthy ingredients and are full of preservatives and highly processed ingredients. If your low carbohydrate diet involves boxed, wrapped and packaged food, it probably falls into this category.  

There can be long term health issues as your body is chronically carbohydrate depleted over extended periods of time. Your liver is exposed to extra stress as it is forced to assist with manufacturing glucose from fats and proteins.  

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Muscle, Body  

Learn What Carbs To Eat and Which Carbs To Avoid In The 3-Week Metabolism Diet

6.) High Inflammatory Fat/Low Anti-Inflammatory Fat

We followed the “expert advice” to lower your fat intake, thinking we’d get healthier, leaner, and slow aging.

Heart disease is still the #1 killer in the USA.

Almost ¾ of Americans are trying to lose weight, but few succeed.

Rates of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome, and obesity are on the rise and don’t seem to improving.
It’s time not only for a diet overhaul, but specifically an overhaul of the types of fats we eat.

Certain fats are nature’s weight loss solution to your excess weight problem. Behind this hard to believe truth are some pretty hard to understand scientific truths, but don’t worry I’m going to break down exactly what you need to know about fats.

The types of fat you’ve probably been avoiding are the same fats that can alter your hormonal balance helping you feel more energetic and less hungry while helping you burn more calories.

The fats I share in the 3-Week Metabolism Diet will lower your levels of inflammation, which as you know will offer many health and fat loss benefits.

Fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado.

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Body

7.) Improper Meal Balance 

Learning how to properly balance your main macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) can be the difference between your meals being “fat-burning meals” or “fat-storing meals.”  

I have a very simple formula for balancing your meals, I’ll share with you shortly, but first I’d like to briefly go over why improper meal balancing is destroying your metabolism.  

Unfortunately, most people are eating ratios that spike insulin, raise cortisol, overload their digestive systems, and slow down their thyroids. 

Here are a few examples of fat-storing, improperly balanced meals:  

Breakfast: Toast, bagels, cereal, smoothies, juices, and breakfast sandwiches  

Lunches: Sandwiches, subs, salads, wraps, burgers/fries, etc…  

Dinners: Pasta dishes, potatoes/sweet potates (without a protein), etc…  

Snacks: Sweetened coffee drinks, fruit, bars, etc…  

The scariest and most troublesome thing about this metabolism killer is that many people would argue the meals listed above are “healthy.”  

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Macronutrient ratios can get pretty complicated. And complicated formulas can lead to “paralysis by analysis,” which leads to no action, which always leads to no weight loss results.  

I like to simply everything in life, business, and eating, which is why my formula for the “ideal meal” is 33% of your 3 macronutrients.

33% fat, 33% carbs, 33% protein  

Balancing your meals is a very important concept in healthy eating that is often ignored, since it’s hard enough eating healthy.  

But if you can eat healthy AND balance your ratios at least 80% of the time, you’re going to propel your weight loss results.  

You’ll be regulating your hormones, balancing your blood sugar/insulin levels, and boosting your metabolism so it’s working for you all day long.  

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Muscle, Body  

Learn EXACTLY how to BALANCE your meals with The 3-Week Metabolism Diet 

8.) Eating Inflammatory Foods 

When we decide to start losing weight, “inflammation” is rarely the first thing that pops in our heads.  

Our thinking immediately goes to:  

- I need to eat less, watch my calories, start eating low-fat, low-carb, etc… 
- I need to give up cokes, fast food, candy, etc…
- I need to start exercising, doing cardio, get a gym membership, etc…
- Diets, fat-burning pills, weight loss supplements, etc…

Unfortunately, 95% of those “things” you THINK you need to do to lose weight, ends up leaving you worse than where you started.

95% of the “healthy” things you start doing to lose fat are killing your metabolism.  

Which means you were suffering from inflammation before and these “weight loss tricks” left with you more inflammation and weight gain.  

The fastest way to reduce inflammation aside from eating whole, unprocessed foods is avoid the foods that got you into this inflammatory mess in the first place.  

The 8 inflammatory foods to avoid include gluten, soy, HFCS, sugar, and unsaturated vegetable oils.  

These foods and others contribute to the majority of the inflammation in our society, especially inflammation that leads to stubborn fat. 

Main Metabolism Parts This Affects: Liver, Thyroid, Muscle, Body  

Each one of these “8 Metabolism Killers” negatively impacts your metabolism in one form or another and they are all related to the 5 Major Metabolic Factors either helping you lose weight or promoting fat gain...
The Five Major Metabolic Factors That Will Help You Lose Weight
Your Metabolism is controlled by 5 equally important parts:

Your Liver – The main detoxification organ. The liver is responsible for ¾ of your thyroid hormone production.

Your liver is responsible for over 600 metabolic functions. When your liver becomes overburdened with toxins, processed foods, medicines, alcohol, sugar, stress hormones, etc…it goes into survival mode.

You want your liver in thriving mode where it filters out environmental toxins, excessive stress hormones, helps assimilate nutrients and minerals, aides in digestion and blood sugar control, and helps process your macronutrients (fats, carbs, and proteins) efficiently, and controls over 70% of your thyroid function, helping you keep an elevated body temperature and metabolism.

When your liver goes from thriving mode to survival mode, metabolic problems soon follow, like weight gain on the hips and thighs , abdominal bloating, skin issues, moodiness, depression. low energy, unstable blood sugar, sleep disturbances, inability to lose weight or maintain an elevated metabolic rate.

If you want to ensure a healthy metabolism and elevated fat-burning potential you will need to commit to supporting your liver for the rest of your life. Commit to eliminating the top inflammatory foods, processed foods, stimulants, and more. 

The sky is the limits for your health, fat loss, and metabolism results.

The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Will Detoxify Your Liver and Speed Up The Fat-Burning Process

Your Adrenals – Your stress glands. The adrenal glands regulate steroid hormones (for fat loss) and stress hormones helping balance your metabolism.

Your adrenal glands play a major part in maintaining a healthy metabolism. The hormones your adrenal glands secrete and regulate can either help you balance your hormones in favor of a high metabolism or they can have the opposite effect.

Your habits, food choices, exercise, and lifestyle determine how your adrenal glands behave.

Cortisol regulates glucose, fat, and proteins and helps keep the body’s metabolism in check. Cortisol is important in regulating blood pressure. It also plays a role in controlling inflammation.

Catecholamines, such as adrenaline, cause the “fight or flight” response. They also help mobilize sources of energy, since energy is needed in coping with stressful situations.

What can cause dysfunctional adrenal glands? Unfortunately, a lot of things: mental/emotional stress, food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalances, infections (i.e. parasitic, bacterial), excessive exercise… basically anything that is a perceived stress on the body.

If you’re concerned about your adrenal glands, the first thing you must to is remove or address the source of stress. This may mean removing food sensitivities, addressing an infection, resolving mental/emotional stress, or whatever it may be that is negatively impacting adrenal gland physiology.

The 3-Week Metabolism Will Help Calm Your Stress Hormones

Your Thyroid – Your master metabolism gland controls your body temperature, metabolism functions, and ability to burn fat.

As you may remember from school, your thyroid is your “master metabolism gland.”

Thyroid hormones act on almost every kind of cell in your body to increase cellular activity or metabolism. If there is too much or too little thyroid hormone, the metabolism of your entire body is impacted.

Because the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 control cellular metabolism throughout the body, when there is not enough of them for any reason, this metabolic function slows and becomes impaired.

Since the thyroid gland regulates metabolism, there is a strong correlation between thyroid disease and weight. Weight gain is more severe in people with hypothyroidism due to an excess accumulation of salt and water; weight loss is common in people who have hyperthyroidism.

Though it seems that thyroid hormones could be an easy cure-all for weight control, the use of the hormone would also cause loss of muscle protein, which would be detrimental to a person’s overall health.

Here’s how to address low thyroid:

Treat the Underlying Causes — Identify and treat the underlying causes of hypothyroidism, like food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.

Optimize Your Nutrition — Support your thyroid with optimal nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, saturated fat, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium, and more.

Minimize Stress — Eliminate adrenal exhaustion and minimize stress by engaging in a comprehensive stress management program.

Exercise — Engage in thyroid stimulating exercise, which boosts thyroid function.

The good news? You can reverse low thyroid and turn your thyroid into a metabolism boosting machine.

The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Focuses On Reversing Metabolic Damage And Boosting Your Thyroid

Your Muscle – The only metabolically active tissue in the body, helps burn fat, regulate blood glucose, and support an elevated

Lean muscle not only looks great, but they are vital for your overall well-being and your metabolic health.

With the help of your thyroid, muscle tissue dictates your metabolic rate. Muscle is the only metabolically active tissue you have to burn excess fat off of your body.

In other words, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns and the fewer calories you need to maintain your weight.

Since most of our insulin receptors are present in our muscle tissue, the less muscle you have the more “insulin resistant” you become.

What happens when you have insulin resistance? One of 3 things happen when you eat sugar and have insulin resistance:

Ideal Scenario: Glucose is used as fuel, which helps build lean muscle and boosts your metabolism. In this scenario, glucose, your primary energy source is used to help you burn calories efficiently and eventually, burn fat.

Ok Scenario: Glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver or muscles for later use as fuel. In this scenario, your happy liver holds on to your glucose for later use (i.e. exercise, or missing a meal, because of a last minute meeting)

Bad Scenario: If your glycogen stores are full, your meals are improperly balanced, your muscle mass is low, and your carbohydrate intake is high, glucose is stored as FAT. In this scenario, way too much glucose is floating around in the blood with no where to go.

The result of the bad scenario is MORE insulin, leaving your liver stressed out and your abdominal fat more stubborn than ever.

The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Will Reverse Insulin Resistance And Help You Optimize Your Fat-Burning Hormones

Your Body – The product of the 4 previous metabolism factors. Your body is either functioning optimally or is in a state of dis-ease.

When it comes to your metabolism (and fat loss) there are 2 kinds of bodies:

1.) A Fat-Burning Body
2.) A Fat-Storing Body

This sounds over-simplistic, but when you start to investigate how your metabolism functions in relation to your ability to burn fat, this is what you’re left with.

Are your habits, exercise, food, and lifestyle supporting a metabolism that helps you burn fat or store fat?

Here are the 7 Differences Between the 2 Body Types:
As you can clearly see, all 7 differences can be traced back to the 5 metabolic factors discussed in this article.

Your metabolism is responsible for deciding which type of body you have and you are responsible to swaying your metabolism in either direction.

The 3-Week Metabolism Turns Your Fat-Storing Body Into a Fat-Burning Body
Here’s How You Can Makeover Your Metabolism and Start Burning Fat Today
The 3-Week Metabolism Diet:
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The program guide will set the foundation for the easiest and most effective diet you'll ever experience.

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Diet Guide
The Nutrition Guide provides you with a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan designed to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and turbocharge your metabolism.

Phase 1: Reestablish Metabolic Health and Burn Toxins

Phase 2:
Release Stubborn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Phase 3
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Each phase of The 3-Week Metabolism Diet builds on one another until you are a fat-burning, weight destroying machine.

Phase 1 helps you detoxify your fat loss organs stimulate fat-burning hormones and suppress fat-storing hormones.

Phase 2 teaches you how to balance your macro-nutrients and avoid the pitfalls of eating the wrong carbs

Phase 3 helps you eat sustainably and enjoyably so you don't have to count calories or obsess over food anymore.

In addition to this, you'll discover the exact foods you must eat to maximize your body's fat-burning potential and what foods you absolutely must avoid at all costs because of their unique ability to slow the fat-burning process.

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The 3-Week Metabolism Mindset Guide provides you with the tools to set goals, measure your progress, form new transformative habits, and think positively.

Over 91% of women who start an exercise, diet, or weight loss program NEVER get past the first 2 weeks. Even the best, most effective program, like The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is completely useless if you don't follow through with consistency and commitment.

You'll learn:
  • The CRAFT method for redirecting any negativity to positive action.
  • The SMART method for not only setting goals, but achieving them
  • The 3-Step method for effectively measuring progress, without using the scale
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The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Mindset Guide makes sure you will succeed, not only with this program, but for your entire life.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still sitting on the fence? Here are some answers to some of the most commonly answered questions...
What is The 3-Week Metabolism Diet?
Created by holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, women's body transformation expert and author, Nick Garcia, The 3 Week Metabolism Diet has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their fatloss goals - faster than any other program out on the market today.
What type of people is The 3-Week Metabolism Diet for?
The 3 Week Metabolism Diet is suitable for people of all ages, all ethnicities, and all body types.

Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds for an upcoming event, get the body you've always dreamed of, or simply improve your health - this plan will work wonders for you.

The entire diet is based on years of scientific research and testing and is proven to work for people of all sizes and fitness levels around the globe.
How much weight will I Lose on The 3-Week Metabolism Diet?
Every day, you will notice how simple my methods are and how the secret fat burning meal plans will speed up the fat burning process even while you rest at night. Not everyone is the same, but after the first week with the 3-Week Metabolism Diet, most people experience one or more of the following… more energy, 5lbs lighter, joint relief, self-motivation, happiness, and a positive change in their physiological states. After 3-weeks many women have anywhere from 11-21 pounds weight loss and 7-17 inches off their waist, hips, chest, and triceps.
Will the weight I lose comeback like it always has in the past?
The beauty of The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is that it's completely opposite of the majority of "lose-weight quick" weight loss scams. The 3-Week Metabolism Diet focuses on FAT LOSS, not weight loss (the difference is explained in the Program Guide). You'll be eating anti-inflammatory foods that promote a healthy, a fast metabolism, and stimulates fat-burning hormones. You'll lose a lot of weight and inches in a short period of time and this time...you'll keep it off.
Why do I keep reverting back to my old “out of shape” self?
You work out for a few months and get in shape and fall back to the old habits because you were not conditioned mentally, only physically. Physical fitness is only a part of journey, fitness is over 75% percent mental. Gyms, nutritionists, and personal trainers give most people a temporary Band-Aid but never address the actual issue. . The 3-Week Metabolism Diet includes secret mindset strategies to make your journey so much easier.
Do I have to buy expensive food or supplements?
All the foods recommended in The 3 Week Metabolism Diet are not expensive and can be found at your local supermarket or grocery store. 

In fact, you will probably save money by following The 3 Week Metabolism Diet, because you'll be avoiding expensive supplements, overeating out, and other useless diet programs.
Is there a lot of exercise involved?
You can receive the FULL benefit of the 3-Week Metabolism Diet without adding any exercise during the 3-weeks you'll be following the plan. If you choose to incorporate at least an hour of metabolic exercise during the week using my personal-trainer guided exercise videos, you'll see up to THREE times the results. Exercise contributes to hormonal balance, blood sugar stability, and lean muscle growth.
I'm a vegetarian/vegan, can I do the program?
Absolutely! This program can be used by Vegetarians and Vegans - so you can lose just as much weight as meat-eaters. I'll provide an "approved" food list for making your own "metabolic meals" with vegetarian options.
Can my family do this with me?
Yes, in fact The 3-Week Metabolism Diet program would be a great plan for a family to change their lifestyle together. Family support and accountability helps with simplicity and saving time. The meal plans are flexible and can be altered to fit a family's needs.
Will I get a copy of The 3-Week Metabolism Diet in the mail?
In order to save you time and money (from printing and shipping costs), instead of being mailed, The 3 Week Metabolism Diet is provided to you as an instant download E-Book which you can read on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet or E-Reader. You can transfer it to as many devices as you like, and even print out pages.

Upon joining, you will receive The 3 Week Metabolism Diet and all the manuals immediately.
How much is the program?
Because this program changed Michelle's and thousands of other women's lives, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for you. The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is a just a one-time investment of $21. Keep in mind this price won't be available forever and the regular price is $97.
What happens after I click "Add to Cart?
Once you click the “Add to Cart” button that is right above, you will be taken to the secure checkout page. Just enter your information and then you will be given an instant access to the entire 3-Week Metabolism Diet. You can view all the materials, the list, and the guides right on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You could also download everything and print out as many copies as you would like. 
What is your refund policy?
I want this program to be a no-brainer for you, so I want to give myself ALL of the risk. If after 3-weeks (the duration of the program) of trying the product, you are unsatisfied, you may qualify for a refund.  In order to qualify for a full refund of the 3-Week Metabolism Diet, you must (a) show an honest effort of participation in the private support group, or (b) send proof that you used 3-Week Metabolism Diet with photos of yourself or approved meals. We reserve the right to evaluate your request and to make a decision accordingly. No refunds will be issued beyond 60 days after the purchase. No one that has actually done the program has asked for a refund....EVER.
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